Dark Horse Brings Four New Players To The Game Of Thrones

By bill - April 25, 2016

Game-of-Thrones-Dark-Horse-Jon Snow’s favorite Wildling, Daenerys’ general, Tyrion’s champion, and everyone’s favorite royal widow join the Game of Thrones figure collection from Dark Horse.

Just in time for Season Six, Dark Horse has released a new round of characters in their ever-growing Game of Thrones figure line, including Ygritte– the Wildling with whom Nights Watchman Jon Snow begins an ill-fated romance– Grey Worm, Oberyn Martell, and Margaery Tyrell.  The 9″ figures all feature great, all new sculpts loaded with detail, and some of the best actor portraits we’ve seen yet from Dark Horse’s series.

We got Jon in the first set of figures from Dark Horse, so it’s about time that we also get Ygritte to remind him that he knows nothing.  And thankfully, she looks great while doing it!  The Wildling gets a more action-oriented pose than some of the other Game of Thrones figures, as she draws the string of her bow while taking aim at her next target.  I like the dynamic nature of this figure, which offers more energy than if Ygritte had just been standing in a neutral pose, and the sculpt still manages to include lots of nice detail in the costuming, and a great portrait of Rose Leslie.

Poor Grey Worm just can’t catch a break.  Mutilated at a young age, brainwashed to be one of the walking murder machines known as “the Unsullied,” and then nearly killed in combat protecting his Queen, Daenerys.  But you’d never know how much this dude has suffered by looking at him– Grey Worm and the rest of his Unsullied army are stern and stoic, and his figure captured that rigid nature perfectly.  From the serious scowl on his face to the orderly manner in which he holds his shield, spear, and helmet, everything about this figure says reserved… and that fits this character perfectly.

I don’t think there’s been any character on Game of Thrones quite as beloved as Oberyn Martel, considering his limited screen time.  He’s just that freaking cool, which makes his inclusion in Dark Horse’s figure line not only logical, but also very exciting.  The Prince of Dorne is captured in mid-stride, decked out in his yellow robes, leather boots, and slick thumb rings.  There’s some really nice, subtle paint work on this figure that truly makes him come to life, from the sandy weathering on his robes, to the black wash on his pendant, to the greying roots in his black hair.  It’s interesting that Dark Horse opted to release Oberyn in his civilian outfit as opposed to his Red Viper armor– considering the scene of his duel with The Mountain remains, to this day, one of the most infamous in the TV series– but both of Oberyn’s big looks were pretty damn iconic.

Until this past season, one of the most successful participants in this series’ various power struggles is Margaery Tyrell.  Not unlike her rival/ mother-in-law Cersei, Margaery proved early on she knows how to play the odds to reach her goals, intending to marry first Renly Baratheon then later King Joffrey in her ongoing efforts to be queen.  Neither situation worked out too well, but none of that stopped Margaery, who maintains a classical fairy tale princess composure on the surface of her strategic movements and manipulations.  The Margaery figure could have been the least interesting in this wave, but that layer of faux-innocence within the character makes her almost Disney Princess-esque appearance all the more sinister.  The knowing smile and calculating eyes on this portrait of Natalie Dormer offset the figure’s rose-adorned, traditionally “princess-y” dress to make this one of the most subtly cool releases in Dark Horse’s entire collection.

The latest Dark Horse Game of Thrones figures are available now at Entertainment Earth and other fine specialty retailers.  Thanks to Dark Horse for giving us the opportunity to review these great new figures!

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