Jon Snow’s Watch Continues Thanks To Dark Horse

By bill - May 15, 2014

GOT-Jon-Snow-Dark-Horse-feaOne of the first Dark Horse Deluxe Game of Thrones figures is also one of the best.

I wasn’t planning to go too deep into Dark Horse’s Game of Thrones collection, but one of my favorite comic shops had an awesome sale during Free Comic Book Day, and I couldn’t resist.  One of the figures I picked up was Jon Snow, and he’s a fantastic addition to the collection.

GOT Jon Snow Dark Horse006The bastard son of Ned Stark is one of the few actually decent characters to make it thus far in the Song of Fire and Ice series, and he’s the closest thing we have to a typical fantasy epic hero in this story.  In that respect, it’s fitting that his figure would be more action packed than many released, with Snow striking an action stance with his sword at the ready.

The sculpt is very dynamic– there’s a great sense of energy to this figure, and his heavy black cloak is made of a soft enough rubber so as not to obscure the pose.  Every detail of Snow’s Night Watch uniform is present here, from the straps on his chest to the belt and heavy, leather-like tunic, gloves and boots.  The predictable all-black outfit could have made for a dull design, but small highlights such as the snow on Jon’s boots goes a long way to keeping this figure visually interesting.

I’m equally impressed by the portrait, which I think does a very nice job of capturing Kit Harrington’s face, right down to his oft-utilized expression that mixes steely reserve and slight confusion.  Both Jon’s hair and the fur on his cape are also well rendered, adding a bit of texture to the overall design, and the dark outfit helps make the warrior’s weapon really stand out.

Most of the Dark Horse Game of Thrones figures have been really good, and they remain a fantastic value, at under $25 retail price.  Jon Snow is one of my favorites of the bunch, combining a good actor portrait and a dynamic, action-packed pose that fits the character very well.  Jone Snow is available now at specialty retailers, as well as Barnes and Noble.  If you’re a fan of the character, and the Game of Thrones series, this figure comes highly recommended.

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