DC Collectibles New 52 Harley Quinn Bust is INSANELY Beautiful!

By jayq - December 1, 2014

harley-quinn-bust-featHarley Quinn has arrived and DC Collectibles is not JOKING around with this statue.

In the latest addition to the DC Collectibles bust series, Jim Lee gives us Harley Quinn’s early New 52 look as this bust is based on his design. Sculpted by James Shoop, there is NO detail missed. The bust stands at 7″ tall and features a ton of fantastically placed details.

Let’s start with the beautifully two-toned and two textured base– One side is a very smooth red coat of paint and on the other a nice application of purple with a very rough rocky texture. Her hammer is super detailed to show the wood grain and at the bottom of the handle, a leather strap holds it to her wrist. Her top even has an actual wire tinsel to hold it all together. My paint application to the whole bust is phenomenal with no runs or errors.

There have been a few people online complaining about the blueish eye shadow domino mask but I feel it works. From her pig tails to the base this bust is a WIN from DC Collectibles!!  And as you can see she is a tad bigger than her predecessors, but still look great together to see sort of a evolution of her character. The bust will run you $49.95 at your local comic shop. Secondary market prices are comparable to a tad higher factoring in shipping. JQ gives this a 9/10!!!

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