DC Collectibles New 52 Wonder Woman Bust by Jim Lee

By jayq - February 24, 2016

wonder-woman-bust-DC-CollecDC Collectibles holds nothing back when it comes to this New 52 designed Wonder Woman bust by Jim Lee. 

When Queen Hippolyta made her daughter out of clay back in the old days of the comics, we thought we saw perfection, and DC Collectibles has done likewise with the latest release in their  New 52 bust series! Sculpted by Alejandro Pereira and designed by Jim Lee, this bust was limited to 2,500 which is a different from the usual 5,200. Standing at 6″ tall Wonder Woman is a beautiful addition to the collection.100_2208

When you take this statue out of the box you will notice that the arm with the sword is detached. Don’t worry– it’s not broken, but it is attachable by a small magnet. This feature is neat, as before statues with multiple parts ran the risk of rubbing or chipping the paint to put together or take apart for storage. This added feature also is neat because it allows you to actually pose the sword as you like within the range of the wrist motion.

This statue is a BEAUTIFUL sculpt. Even calling it that almost does it an injustice. The sculpt of Wonder Woman’s flowing hair, the paint application on her eyes and costume are phenomenal, and the detail on the shield is flawless. The matte navy blue base with some silver flakes is a nice choice, as the golden WW logo really pops on it.

100_2217There had been an earlier version of Wonder Woman posed with her iconic double wrist block, on top of a deep red color base.  Make no mistake, that, too was a beautiful piece, but this new version is a gift from the Amazonian gods!

With the limited edition number cut practically in half and considering how amazing this piece looks, I would not let this statue pass you by. Prices at the comic shops have Wonder Woman at $50 and the secondary market price is already about $10 more.

JQ gives this Wonder Woman bust a 9.2/10.


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