DC Collectibles Adds Frank Millers Joker to the Black and White Series

By jayq - December 22, 2016

DC Collectibles is wrapping up 2016 with a bang with a Joker statue by Frank Miller that is brilliant!

Sculptor¬†ALTERTON took Frank Miller’s design right from the pages of the modern classic The Dark Knight Returns, and perfectly adapted it into statue form. Joker stands at 7.25″ tall from base to top, with a very strong stance that is meant to be intimidating and works well for this statue. Joker has a very serious look on his face, along with a hand held out, holding his cigarette.¬† Together, it just spells BAD ASS.

What really impresses me about the last batch of statues from this line is the ability to make you imagine the colors even though they are not there. The way they use the tones of black and white makes you see the colors in your head. Or maybe I am just crazy. The shading around the eyes really stands out on the Joker, as well.

This statue was very well done and JQ gives it a solid 8.8/10. You can get yours on the secondary market or pick it up at your local comic book shop for about $80.


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