DC Collectibles Batman: Black and White by Gary Frank

By jayq - May 8, 2014

Batman-BW-statue-featDC Collectibles is on a roll this year with not only action figures but their excellent statues.  The newest addition to the Batman: Black and White family is this statue featuring the art work of Gary Frank from the graphic novel Batman: Earth One.

This statue was sculpted by the talented Jean St. Jean (who has sculpted many of the DC Statues).  The cold cast porcelain piece stands at 7.25” tall and features Batman in a standing pose with his cape blowing to the side of his body.  As DC Collectibles has been doing recently, all their statues are limited to the number 5,200. The paint application is much better than the Earth 2 Batman that came out prior as I saw no flaws on either mine or the others at the shop.

We are going to start seeing the Black and White series take a turn to more of Batman’s Rogues Gallery in the next few months, but as long as DC Collectibles pumps them out, they will be on my shelf!

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