DC Collectibles Batman: Black and White Series Nightwing is a Masterpiece

By jayq - August 21, 2017

Jim Lee has designed many of this statue series’ most popular pieces, but his rendition of Nightwing may be the greatest non-Batman in the whole collection. 

DC Collectibles has given us a few versions of Dick Grayson in the Black and White Statue series, like Dick Sprang’s version of Grayson as Robin and Jock’s version of Grayson as Batman. But with his Nightwing design, Jim Lee totally hit this out of the park, from the pose, to the smirk, and the twirling escrima stick.

Like most others in the series, this statue stands at 7.45″ tall from base to top of his head. We get Nightwing in his most popular suit, standing proudly as Grayson is known to do. The patented Dick Grayson smirk is prominent along with his bangs parted to each side of the domino mask. The statue is simple and there is nothing wrong with that as it works PERFECTLY! The paint application is beautiful and there are no signs of rub, smudging, or over spray.

The best part of this statue is the spinning escrima stick. It was sculpted to perfection from Jim Lee’s concept drawing, and demands attention. Kudos to the sculptor Majid Esmeili for capturing the concept and making it a reality.

JQ gives this Black and White Statue a 10 out of 10!!!

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