DC Collectibles Batman: Black and White Statue by Ivan Reis

By jayq - May 18, 2015

Batman-BW-Ivan-Reis-featDC Collectibles hits the bullseye yet again with the newest addition to the Batman Black and White series, by Ivan Reis.

Who says lighting cannot strike twice?  In one month’s time, DC Collectibles has proven that the Batman Black and White series can last forever! The newest addition to the line is by artist Ivan Reis, who has had his hands on some pretty well known titles in the DCU including Aquaman, Green Lantern, and Justice League.

Knowing Reis’ history with the Justice League made it interesting to see his statue take on a “Batman Inc” style suit. Sculpted to look as if he is about to leap off the rooftop and shoot out a grappel line, this Batman is flawless. The cape is amazing to look at and the detail to the cowl and face is second to none, even in this series.

Now, there are a few aspects of this statue I didn’t like:

1) The shoulder pads

2) Again, with the two toned black paint

3) The cod piece

All of these things can be over looked just for the sheer fact that cape and cowl are EPIC!

I also want to point out the wire from the zip line. These sculptors do impeccable work to get the 2D rendering into 3D awesomeness! Again we have sculptor Mat Brouillard to thank, and his skills are uncanny!

The shoulder pads and cod piece aside, I still want to give this statue a 8.5/10, just because one look at the head sculpt will leave you amazed!!

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