DC Collectibles Batman: Black and White Statue by Kim Jung Gi

By jayq - June 1, 2017

DC Collectibles takes a different approach on the Dark Knight with this statue by Kim Jung Gi.

The Batman: Black and White statue series keeps adding to its impressive roster with more and more interpretations of Gotham’s Dark Knight.  This one is a unique take on Batman designed by Kim Jung Gi. Kim is a Korean-born artist who has made an impact on some projects here and there. His take on Batman is strange to most and to some an easy pass over as he is not done traditionally as Batman usually is.

People who passed on this because of the strange look really missed out. I was a bit hesitant at first, but after taking it out of the box and seeing all the detail that went into this piece I can honestly say this is a pleasant surprise!  Standing at just about 7 inches tall along with the black, white, and gray tones this one is sure to stand out on your shelf.

There is so much going on with this statue. The rollerblades, the gattling gun, the robotic servos, the spiked shield, and the battle damage paint look will make your mouth drop in awe. Every turn of this statue will make you discover something new. My favorite part of this statue is the transition of the monotone colors.

There is nothing wrong with this piece. To find a flaw you would have to be wanting it to be there. Besides the non-traditional look there this is an amazing rendition of Batman.

JQ gives this statue a 9.2 out of 10. Contact your local comic book store or secondary retailer to order one today!

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