DC Collectibles Batman and Robin Black and White Statues by Carmine Infantino

By jayq - December 20, 2016

batman-carmine-infantinoThe Batman Black and White series continues to roll out amazing hit after hit. The newest addition to the family is Batman and Robin by Carmine Infantino.

100_2319These two statues were designed by Carmine Infantino and sculpted by Tim Bruckner. Each statue has a limited run of 5200. The Dynamic Duo is done in a more `60’s style and it couldn’t look any more perfect. Both are sold separately at a retail cost of $80 each at your local comic shop. Online retailers may vary.

Let us start with Robin. I am assuming this is the Dick Grayson version of Robin and not Jason Todd. Either way it’s an amazing statue. The different hues of gray actually can make you see the greens and yellows. I cannot explain it but stare at it long enough and you will agree. Pixie boots and all, this statue is a must have addition to the line. Paint applications are flawless, and Robin stands at 5.75 inches tall.

The Batman statue will wow you with its small yet detailed attention to the time era that Infantino was trying to represent. At 6.25 inches tall this statue has Batman gripping his cape and standing in a pose that early comics often had him in. The detail on the Bat logo on his chest and the lightly painted eyebrows on the cowl are very closely based on the Adam West design. Again the design team went all out to give an amazing product,100_2312

Even if you do not buy the pair, standing alone these are still beautiful statues for any collection. If you are able to put them together on a shelf I do HIGHLY recommend it, as they do look GREAT together.

JQ gives DC Collectibles newest additions to the Black and White collection a 9/10.



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