DC Collectibles Brings 3 Dimensions to Cooke’s Superman

By kastor417 - October 13, 2015

Cooke Superman Kastor's KornerDC Collectibles once again gives Superman fans something almost impossible to pass up on at comic shops.

The Batman Black and White line of statues from DC Collectibles has been the best and worst thing for fans to start collecting. The sculpting on the statues is amazing, so what is the downside? If you did not get into the line at the beginning you will be paying a lot on the secondary market to track down the early ones. Over the last few years Superman has entered that world, but instead of black and white, his have been in color.

They represent the light to the darkness of Batman, and one of the newest embodies that light. The Darwin Cooke Superman brings to life the classic look of the character from his early days. Based on the look from the book The New Frontier, Superman has his cheesy grin as he lifts off the ground. In a floating pose above the “S” shield stand he embodies the Superman of the 40’s and 50’s era Cooke’s book is based on. The primary colors of the hero have a bright metallic finish to really make him pop.

The price is not bad considering the quality and detailing on the statue, and will surely go up in value as the line grows. He will be a perfect match to the Black and White Batman and the inevitable Wonder Woman.

Thanks to DC Collectibles for this review copy. 

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