DC Collectibles Icons- The New Super Powers

By kastor417 - February 10, 2016

DC Icons Kastors KornerStaring over is never easy, and it can be a very hard choice for a toy collector. Last year when DC Collectibles announced the Icons line I was hesitant until I saw them in person. The line is a going to be a true six inch scale, with figures ranging in hight like their comic book counter parts. The first two waves came out back to back, and after having all of them in hand I know I made the right choice. I grew up in the Super Powers era, and these figure feel more like them than any that have come before. The DCUC line did a good job a recreating the original 80’s line, but there was something missing. They felt different, the Icons however just feel right.

Maybe it is the size, or maybe the ascetic of it all, whatever it is they are just right. This might be my need for something DC to collect or is it something more? I let go of the DCUC line years ago, never getting the Matty Collector figures and even skipping the last few retail waves, I have not gotten Movie Master since the Dark Knight retail line, and I only have a few of the big DC Collectibles Arkham figures to pick up so there is a hole in my DC collection. I have sold off most of my DCUC, keeping only figures from the old Super Powers line, and it feels like something missing.

Many of us worry about getting into a new line, there is always a feeling of well if I wait it will cost way more  later to get into the line, so jumping in at the start is always a good move even if you end up selling off a few you don’t want. The nice thing about DC Collectibles is that you don’t have to get every figure. Each wave is a mix of characters and costumes from various storylines in DC history, so you can pick and choose characters to make your favorite roster of heroes and villains.

The line is great so far, tight joints, clean paint, and a decent amount of appreciate accessories. Wave one and wave two came out within week of each other, so quickly that wave two became my favorite. Wave one figures were good, but they could not hold up to wave two, with Flash and Green Lantern anchoring the wave. Take a look through the wave two figures and let us know, are you all in?

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