DC Collectibles Does Justice To New 52 Wonder Woman

By bill - December 5, 2012

DC Collectibles continues their New 52 Justice League series, with an all-new figure based on the team’s leading lady, Wonder Woman.

Everyone has an opinion about DC Comics’ New 52 relaunch, and we’ve had a year to voice them.  That being said, one thing I hold to is the redesign of Wonder Woman was among the most successful.  Her current series by Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang has consistently been one of the best books each month, and the small changes made to Diana’s costume have been welcome adjustments.

The new DC Collectibles Wonder Woman is the first action figure based on Diana’s new look, and the fantastic new sculpt by Jack Mathews is a very faithful representation.  The ribbed armor top with silver lining lends itself to a more combat-ready style, one that fits the new Diana well.  Every ridge and line and curve of her armor is translated nicely, even the etched stars on the sides of her waist.  Likewise, Wonder Woman’s tiara, wristbands and bicep band are equally well done with just the right amount of detailing.

Wonder Woman’s new color scheme isn’t far off from her classic look, but the absence of gold– replaced by silver for her costume’s trim– completes her new style, and really serves to highlight the golden lasso, draped from the figure’s belt.  Every detail on Diana is crisp and clean, including her face, which features a stunning new portrait of the Amazon, not far from her depiction in Justice League courtesy of Jim Lee.

Like many DC Direct/ Collectibles figures, articulation on Wonder Woman is less impressive.  Diana sports a ball joint neck, ball shoulders, hinged elbows and knees and T-crotch hips.  While not bad, this articulation pattern doesn’t lend itself to many posing options that aren’t Diana just standing there, and typical missing joints like ankles, wrists and ab/ waist articulation definitely limit the poseability and fun factor of this figure.  Credit where credit is due, I wasn’t expecting bicep swivels on the ball shoulders, which let the hero at least cross her bracelets in the classic Wonder Woman pose.

Diana includes her lasso, which is not removable from her belt, and also a sword which fits well in her hand. It’s a good enough sculpt, but I think the Amazon looks far better displayed without the accessory. This is the first New 52 Justice League figure I’ve picked up, and while I don’t regret the purchase, I’m not motivated to go out and complete the collection.  This isn’t a dig at the figure– aside from typical and expected limited DC Collectibles articulation, this Wonder Woman is a well-sculpted, gorgeous piece.  I think it’s more a feeling that I’d be far more invested in this figure had it been based on the impossibly great artwork of solo book artist Chiang, instead of the more generic Jim Lee Justice League style.  It’s not a dramatic difference, really, but I feel it would have been an important one to take this Wonder Woman from “pretty good” to “must have.”

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