DC Collectibles Offers a Look at Their Incredible Batman Animated Villains

By bill - April 8, 2014

two-face-featTwo-Face and Mr Freeze are coming to DC Collectibles’ Batman Animated collection, and they look amazing!

There aren’t many toy lines I am more stoked for this year than DC Collectible Batman: the Animated Series collection.  Of course, I loved the amazing Bruce Timm character designs from the show, and DC Collectibles has really nailed that look– better than anyone before– in their 6″ figure sculpts.  They even managed to load them with articulation, without messing up the smooth, stylized designs!

We saw Batman and Catwoman back at Toy Fair, with the promise that more animated figures were on the way, and now the next two have been revealed– Two-Face and Mr. Freeze, both from their New Adventures looks.  I think the figures look great, and while New Adventures suffered a huge quality drop in story telling, the revamped designs were even better than Timm’s original ones, so it’ll be cool to see them realized in plastic.

This toy line really can’t get here soon enough… I hope it’s a hit, because I’d be totally stoked to build out more of Batman’s allies and rogue’s gallery in this series.

Source: DC Comics Blog

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