DC Collectibles Starfire is Out of This World!

By jayq - September 11, 2014

DCC-Starfire-featThis is NOT your Teen Titans Starfire boys and girls. This is the New 52 version in all of her glory!!

DC Collectibles has released the first of three figures from the Red Hood and the Outlaws series. That figure was the Tamaranean Princess herself Starfire.

Lets break her down, starting with paint. The paint apps were pretty well done, with some small imperfections here and there, but the use of the metallic flake on the bodysuit and eyes was a plus one to me. Her hair starts off a solid color then as it gets to the end becomes transparent with lighter colors to resemble a fire effect.

Articulation is there with head, shoulder, bicep, hand, leg, thigh, knee, and ankle to give you the opportunity to pose her in many ways not possible from previous DCD figures. She stands at 6.75″ tall which is just about 3/4″ taller than her DCUC counterpart. The figure came with no accessories so there is no risk hazard of choking.

Jack Mathews’ sculpt on this project is fantastic, DCC hit a home run with this figure after a few strikeouts with the Earth 2 line.  JQ gives DCC Starfire a 9/10! Go to your local comic book shop to get her or visit the trusty Amazon link on our page her retail price is $24.95.

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