DC Collectibles Takes Us Back with the Dick Sprang Black and White Statues

By jayq - January 16, 2015

dick-sprang-batman-jokerWant to know why I love this series? These statues right here are the proof that the amount of Batman inspired art is unlimited!

DC Collectibles takes us in a time machine to the simple times in comics, with the latest selection from LEGENDARY artist Dick Sprang. Batman and Joker were released on the same day and man, was this fan thankful for that! Sculpted by the team of Tony Cipriano and Josh Sutton, these statues come to life on your shelf!

Batman stands at  7.75″ tall and sports an iconic pose from the Golden Age comics. This statue is sculpted masterfully but has a few paint application errors that I can look beyond. It seems this was an issue with this statue, but it does not take away from the sheer awesomeness of this piece.

Joker stands at 7″ tall and has that– even in the Golden Age– sinister smile. He is sculpted holding the Joker Card that has been a staple with him for many years. The paint apps to this statue was on flawless and perfect!

The two of these statues are beautiful together.  They both retail at $79.95 at your local comic shop and have been seen online for a tad cheaper. This fan is happy and proud that this series lives on!  Bring on 2015!!!

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