DC Collectibles Teases New 52 3.75″ Figures

By bill - January 23, 2015

dc-collectibles-vaultThis week’s DC Collectibles’ fan poll shows off some unproduced projects from their vault… Projects that may just see the light of day.

DC Collectibles is running a fan poll right now that’s tied to a peek into their “vault,” a gallery of statues and toys they developed which have never been released.  Among them are a set of 7″ DC Universe Online figures, an Ame-Comi Mary Marvel statue, and a series of 3.75″ scale New 52 figures, with a lineup apparently featuring Batman, Constantine, Etrigan the Demon, Sinestro and Captain Cold, among others.

The smaller scale figures look pretty good, on par with the Injustice figures available now, but with comic accurate, less ugly and busy-looking costume designs.  I find myself gravitating away from 3.75″ figures more and more, but these guys are promising enough that I might be lured right back in to this scale if DC Collectibles does decide to move forward with them.

Right now, there are no set plans to release any of these vault items… the poll is pretty informal, and just for fun.  But I’d wager DC Collectibles is looking at the results anyway, to get a pulse on which of these pieces gets the biggest response.  For my money, it’s the New 52 figures, all the way.

What do you think?  Would you jump in to a comic accurate New 52 toy line in 3.75″ scale?  Let us know in the comments below, and make your vote at DC Collectibles’ site HERE.

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