What Can DC Comics Do to Make Grayson Better?

By jayq - December 19, 2014

grayson-featAs you all know, after Forever Evil, Dick Grayson is dead in the eyes of the DCU. Only a few people know of what he is doing now, and after five issues of Grayson, I too must have missed the boat.

Dick Grayson is one of the favorite characters in all of DC and the question has been asked– can he be Dick Grayson and not a member of the Bat-Family? And the answer after five books is…. NO.  He is currently working an undercover angle for Batman within the spy organization Spyral and that is the ONLY saving grace of this book. Grayson is working along side Helena Bertonelli (not yet the Huntress in the New 52) and she has figured out who he used to be and toys with him to embrace his former life as Nightwing when they have off time.

There are many times when the writers bring that fun part of Grayson out and what made the Nightwing books enjoyable is there. However, The Spyral story is very bland and honestly boring. Each issue does bring forth a life lesson that Grayson has learned from Bruce in past missions with Batman.

I have stuck with this book because of my love for the character, but in my opinion something has to happen soon or else people may start to lose interest. If you want to check out the road so far Grayson 1-5, and Grayson Annual can be found at your local comic shop. The TPB is due out sometime in 2015. You will not be disappointed with the art, and maybe I am just being a harsh fanboy about the story. If you have read it so far please chime in so we can see how you all feel about it.

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