DC Comics, Via Norman Rockwell

By bill - October 17, 2014

wonder-woman-norman-rockwelEver wonder what the DC super heroes would look like if they posed for Norman Rockwell?  Wonder no more!

Oh man are these great!  DeviantARTist OnlyMilo (aka Ruiz Burgos) has been posting a series of paintings featuring the heroes and villains of the DC Universe, in the style of quaint and fuzzy Normal Rockwell paintings.  The results are by and large fantastic, with alternate universe editions of The Saturday Evening Post now showcasing Clark Kent, Wonder Woman and Poison Ivy, among others.

I think what I dig most about these paintings (aside from how remarkably accurate to the iconic Rockwell paintings and magazine layouts they are) is that they actually serve to humanize their subjects.  Much like Norman Rockwell’s own work, there is an intimacy and warmth in many of these paintings which we don’t often see in the less human-oriented DC universe.  Marvel has the corner on normal people whose alter egos happen to be super heroes, but to me, these paintings show our DC characters through that same lens, instead of vice versa.

Check out a few of the image below, and see more here.

Source: Legions of Leia

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