DC Comics Weekly Series: Futures End Quarterly Review

By jayq - August 13, 2014

Free Comic Book Day- DC Comics "Future's End"DC Comics has 2 weekly books going on at the moment, Futures End and Batman Eternal. With both books at their quarterly marks (Eternal being a few books ahead) are you still on board or has the stories completely lost your interest?

Let us start with Futures End. This story has constant time jumps and that magical New 52 number of 5 years plays a constant role in this story. So far we know that a future Batman (Bruce Wayne) was to be sent back in time to stop Mr. Terrific in the creation of what seems to be Brother Eye and the OMACS. However in Bruce was tragically caught in a battle and severely wounded, and Terry McGuiness was sent in his stead. The time device was calibrated for Bruce and when Terry made the jump it sent him off course by (you guessed it) 5 years.

Brother Eye seems to be active (but not as we remember from Pre-Flashpoint) and the heroes as we know it are no where to be found with the exception of Terry, Tim Drake (who is undercover), and Grifter who is being held hostage by Deathstroke and some OMACS.

Honestly this story is ALL OVER THE PLACE and at times confusing. There will be 52 issues as this book will come out weekly and we are at issue 13 they may just be holding some of the trump cards close to the chest for some whammys to surprise us. I am committed to the stories as I am a fan but even this die hard DC Fan is loosing interest but not giving up yet.  JQ gives Futures End (so far) 6/10.

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