The DC Icons Line- Look Back At Wave One

By kastor417 - May 6, 2016

Icons Wv 1 Kastors KornerWave one and two of the DC Collectibles Icons line came out so close together that we reviewed the second wave, but never looked at the first. 

Wave one sets the tone of a line, and this one has a good start. The Icons line is going to reflect different looks from all eras of DC Comics. The wave has two heavy hitters and two second tier characters. This is a collectors line so they won’t always have to make sure the A list is always part of the waves. Personally I wish the waves were era specific, the more I look at them I can see figures that will be replaced and those that will be kept in the collection. Cloth capes are not part of most of lines, but this line could benefit from them. The preposed plastic capes on Batman and Mr. Miracle looks great for static poses, but action shots with them are difficult. There are minor issues with this first wave, no waist swivels, necks that can’t looks up, some design aspects that hinder posing (Green Arrow’s hood obstructs his shooting view) are issues we raised with the design team at toys fair, and they are being addressed.

Where this wave shines is the sculpting and paint details. These are some of the best looking figures made by any companies in the last 10 years. They bring the comic designs to life with a realistic look, making these look like more than spandex clad characters. I hope the line continues to expand and bring all eras, I might be all in for now, but I know as the line goes deeper I will focus on an era, getting only those and skipping the more modern looks.

These are worth getting, the scale is perfect, the sculpting is amazing, and great accessories.

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