Did DC Spoil Nightwing’s Fate?

By jayq - April 15, 2014

Nightwing Forever EvilI will warn you all now as this will contain a few spoilers if you are not caught up with the Forever Evil story currently running.

Ok so if you are here then I assume you are all up to date with the events of Forever Evil issue 6.

We see the flat line on Dick Grayson’s monitor and the look on Batman’s face would have us all assume that Grayson is dead, but until issue 7 releases (as of now its late) we can only speculate. Now if you read Batgirl issue 30 (latest issue released 4/9/14) her inner monologue speaks of Grayson in the past tense.  This had fans all riled up because the fate of Nightwing is a HUGE mystery to all to readers of the DC Comics. Should Batgirl issue 30 been held back until they released Forever Evil #7? Did DC just miss that important spoiler during the editing process? Or was it done on purpose to get people buzzing about the release of Forever Evil #7?

Now DC has released to the USA Today that Dick Grayson will infact resurface as an international super spy? Gone is the mask and he will now wear a blue and black costume with a G on front and he will wield…GUNS!?!?  The comic Grayson is set to hit stands on July 2nd  and is written by Revival’s Tim Seeley and Tom King (a former CIA counterterrorism operator).  The way they are saying this will work is Batman needs the world to “think” Grayson is dead so that he may succeed in this new endevor. So just as Batman is trying to gain the trust of his Bat-Family after the Death of the Family story he is going to bury an even bigger lie in Grayson’s death.

This comes full circle from the Grant Morrison’s Batman Incorporated run where Grayson is now hired by the spy agency Spyral. This agency is known to stop bad people from doing bad things using questionable tactics. This is WAAAYYYY far from the Grayson we know and love.  Is this a good move on DC’s part? I like the fact that they are tapping into the past stories but Dick Grayson will forever be in my heart Nightwing.

We will just have to wait until the issue hits the stands and see for ourselves. Chime in and let us know what do you think? DC seems to have let the cat out of the bag a tad early but will this “buzz” be good or bad?

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