New DC Super Hero Girls App Available Now On The iTunes App Store

By staff-writers - March 16, 2016

dc super hero girls banner


DC Super Hero Girls take flight and take over mobile devices with a new app, starring the iconic DC Comics characters Wonder, Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Bumblebee, Poison Ivy, Katana and many more.  Available for download now on iOS devices, the DC Super Hero Girls app is the premiere destination for fans to watch animated shorts, play games, and interact with their favorite DC Super Hero Girls characters whenever and wherever they go.

The easy-to-use “swipe and play” mechanics of the app make it simple to get in on the action. Users will be transported to the action-packed setting of Super Hero High, where they can play mini-games, watch videos, dress up their favorite heroes, customize photos, and learn more about the iconic DC Comics characters.


The DC Super Hero Girls app is an immersive and interactive environment, where players can experience a variety of exciting activities, including:


  • Activity Center:Earn tokens that unlock extra content by playing mini-games based on some of DC Comics’ most iconic female characters, such as:
    • Wonder Woman: Use Wonder Woman’s iconic shield to block incoming projectiles. Try to stop as many as possible without getting hit!
    • Katana: Slice and dice the targets, but player beware – three strikes and you’re out!
    • Batgirl: Someone has torn up pictures of different DC Comics Super Heroes attending Super Hero High! Help Batgirl piece these pictures back together and solve the mystery in this fun puzzle game.
    • Supergirl: Use Supergirl’s heat vision to melt the targets, but be careful not to melt anything else! Miss three times and you lose. – Coming Soon!
    • Harley Quinn: Get a little crazy at Super Hero High by helping Harley Quinn throw glitter bombs. Hit all the targets before the time runs out! – Coming Soon!
  • Theatre:Sit back, relax and watch a series of DC Super Hero Girls animated shorts by tapping on a thumbnail and launching a full screen video. Users will earn tokens for every video watched, unlocking content available in other areas of the app.
  • Student Center:Learn more about the personalities, powers and abilities of each teen Super Hero.
  • The Dorms:Style your favorite Super Heroes! A variety of unique accessories can be unlocked using tokens.
  • Art Building:Use tokens to add filters, borders, stickers, and more, to photos selected from the DC Super Hero Girls gallery, along with those saved on a device. Users can download and share their customized images.


In addition to the cool new app, DC Super Hero Girls takes Spring by storm with its first TV special, “Super Hero High,” airing in the U.S. this Saturday, March 19 at 10am on Boomerang. Also now on shelves nationwide exclusively at Target, DC Super Hero Girls merchandise features products from the new line including: toys, dress up, apparel, accessories, publishing and more. Master toy partner Mattel unveils its new DC Super Hero Girls collection, featuring the industry-firsts: the first-ever 6-inch action figure designed for girls; first 12-inch collection of action dolls featuring strong, athletic bodies that stand on their own in heroic poses; and first-ever action role-play toys for girls.

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