DC Unlimited Wonder Woman Makes Her Debut

By bill - April 30, 2013

wonder-woman-featThe best reboot character of DC’s New 52 gets the toy treatment in Mattel’s latest wave of DC Unlimited figures.

If you haven’t been reading the New 52 Wonder Woman, you are seriously missing out.  The book by Brian Azzarello is the most interesting Wonder Woman story I’ve ever read, and the artwork by Cliff Chiang is mind-blowing. I am mildly obsessed by that series, which has fun shaking up Diana’s own mythology, while also tying her in to the ongoing mythos of the Greek Gods.

wonderwoman 24So of course, I’ve become equally motivated to pick up figures based on Wonder Woman’s new look.  Much like the DC Collectibles release, Mattel’s New 52 Wonder Woman seems based more on Jim Lee’s Justice League style than Chiang’s (a shame, because Chiang is ten time the artist Me. Lee is), but it is what it is.  DC Unlimited Wonder Woman does a nice job of capturing the Amazon’s current costume, with an all-new torso sporting Diana’s more armored top, and an all new headsculpt that is easily one of the best female portraits I’ve seen from the Four Horsemen.

wonderwoman 22The sculpted details on Wonder Woman’s armor is impressive, from the all new eagle at the top, to the subtle ribbing and etching throughout her outfit. The inclusion of a strap on her belt to hold her sword is another nice tough.  However, the greatness of these newly-tooled pieces just aggravates the rest of the figure’s design– Diana uses the arms and legs of the previous Wonder Woman figure, from all the way back in DC Universe Classics Series 3.  It’s not that these arms and legs are bad, but they are slightly too large for the new parts, making Diana’s proportions look a little off.  And the sculpting style of the Horsemen has changed, although subtly, and the level of detail they pour into their designs now just don’t match up with the more simplistic parts they used to sculpt.  The perfect example is Diana’s arm band– while the torso gets a gorgeous, detailed sculpt, Wonder Woman’s bicep band is literally just painted on.  Had all the details been achieved with paint apps (which we’ve seen used to great effect on many mass market figures), it wouldn’t stand out, but there the figure’s own wonderful sculpting really exaggerates how unfinished the painted-on piece looks.

Overall, Mattel pulled off a good New 52 Wonder Woman. If you’re a fan of the character and her new series, she’s definitely worth picking up, and what’s good on her is GREAT– the Horsemen totally nail the look of Diana’s new armor, and the headsculpt is fantastic– but the questionable parts reuse that makes up the rest of the figure leaves much to be desired.  I’m still hoping we will see someone release a great Cliff Chiang inspired Wonder Woman sooner than later. But until then, Mattel’s latest Wonder Woman will do just fine.

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