DCUC Doomsday Breaks Free

By bill - January 8, 2015

DCUC-Doomsday-featMattel’s SDCC exclusive containment suit Doomsday is the perfect primer for the final figure in the DC Universe Classics collection.

Yea, yea, I know– the containment suit Doomsday was a Comic Con exclusive from, like, forever ago, and he’s long since sold out… so why even run a review?  Well, first, because he’s a surprisingly great figure, one I’m glad I finally managed to get my hands on… and two, he’s a great teaser for the awesomeness in store for us when the Unleashed Doomsday hits later this month.

The easiest takeaway from this Doomsday figure is how impressively huge he actually is– this is one mean mountain of plastic!  At over 8″ tall, Doomsday is perfectly in scale with Superman and the other 6″ DC Universe figures, and he shares that familiar articulation pattern offering a nice range of motion, even in spite of his bulk and the various restraints sculpted on top of his suit.

Those restraints are where most of the figure’s tooling come in, and they look good.  This version of Doomsday captures his look after he first busted out of his prison, with his broken shackles still dangling off of him.  It’s a cool look, and while I wish the figure’s arm allowed for enough of a bend to stick his fist in the shackle behind his back, the overall effect is still great.

DCUC Doomsday 007Doomsday doesn’t get a lot of paint work, but he doesn’t really need it, either– the silver restraints are bright and eye catching, and offset well against the green containment suit.  The circular red eyes also stand out very well against the suit’s mask, sculpted with just a slight hint of the best underneath.

Like many SDCC exclusives, Doomsday’s packaging is about as impressive as the figure itself.  In this case, he comes packed in a window box showcasing the path of destruction left in the creature’;s wake, with a mangled sign pointing toward Metropolis on the side of the box.  I love the sculpted “cracks” in the plastic window of the box, too, giving the illusion that the figure is literally trying to smash his way to freedom.  Everything is packed in a sleek black outer box, complete with the infamous “S” Shield in blood logo from the Death of Superman story arc.

This Doomsday was followed up by the final figure in Mattel’s DC Universe, and we take an in-depth look at him tomorrow… Be sure to check back for our review of Doomsday Unleashed!

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