Deadpool Auditions for the Minimate Avengers

By kastor417 - March 9, 2015

Deadpool Minimates Kastor's KornerDeadpool decides to try out for all the Avengers roles in this recent Minimates sets.

I have a hard time justifying buying figures that are just repaints, or variants of main characters, so I was surprised when I opened this set. This might be hands down one of the best Minimates sets DTS has ever put out. The set mixes Deadpool and the big Avengers names, to create one of the most sets in any scale.

All the looks are there, with slight variations thanks to the Merc with a Mouth. The set takes older parts from previous Minimates and reuses them in the most fun way. The creative use of the the figures, helps to make this a worth while pick up for collectors. Deadpool is such a joker that having all these versions of him does not make it feel like just a bunch of unnecessary Minimates.

Deadpool Minimates Kastor's Korner 16The Cap-Pool comes with an alternate wrist guard, so his shield can attach to his wrist. The shield comes in his colors with the Deadpool symbol in the center. It also has a removable helmet to reveal his melty head.

The Cable-Pool mixes the old cable parts with a new head deco. The figure is armed to the teeth with all the weapons the wave 32 Cable had and then some.

Thor-Pool comes with his own hammer with a new inscription and a spinning hammer hand. The figure looks like the classic God of Thunder, giving some fans parts to mix and match with other Thor figures.

Phonics-Killer Iron Deadpool is the biggest of the set, with great armor details, with the Deadpool symbol front and center. The figure strips down to give a X-men version of Deadpool. If you have enough extra Minimates parts you can keep the armor intact and still make the extra Deadpool, making this a five pack instead of a four pack.

Collectors not only get the main tray of figures, but also a tray of extras. Not only is there an unmasked head but also another masked head with his signature eyebrow raised expression. There are also shoulder cannons, swords, guns, knives, hands, pistols, and a sack for all the swords. In those swords there are two laser swords, pretty close to light sabers… yep Deadpool has lightsabers. There are times when people complain sets don’t have any accessories, but this one more then makes up for any Minimate sets light on the extras.

Is this a set that fills in teams, no. It fills a need to enjoy your toys and something that will only increase your love for Minimates.

Thanks to DTS for getting us this set for review.


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