Looks Like Deadpool Will Be Rated R After All

By bill - April 3, 2015

deadpool-featWade Wilson confirms his own hard R rating by murdering AC Slater.

Here’s one thing I’ll give Fox– they are certainly going above and beyond to make sure we know they’re not going to fuck up Deadpool for a second time.  Ever since the movie for the Merc with the Mouth was announced, it’s been a nonstop message that “this is the real Deadpool, not the garbage from Wolverine: Origins.”  Thankfully, that message has often been delivered in a very tongue-in-cheek or fist-in-face) fashion, which actually serves to practice what it preaches– the promos for the Deadpool movie actually feel like Deadpool, with their hyper violence, odd sense of humor and frequent fourth wall breakage.

I’m not even a huge fan of the character, but this alone has me excited to check out the movie.  Could it be that Fox has finally figured out why Marvel Studios has been so successful?  That characters don’t have to be changed, tangentially or fundamentally, to appear “hip” and “cool” and “different”?… That perhaps these characters, beloved in their comic book format, could be sustained on the big screen because– gasp– people like them?

I don’t know.  Maybe I will after Deadpool comes out in 2016?  I do know I like the Deadpool promos so far.  Ryan Reynolds is clearly having fun, and I’ll admit this latest video almost got me.  Not until Mario Lopez started harping too heavily on the “family friendly” thing did I realize this was an April Fool’s Gag, apparently to confirm that Deadpool will, in fact, be an R-rated affair, unlike the previously reported PG-13.

It’s worth a watch for the punchline alone, if you haven’t seen it.  Enjoy!

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