Deadpool Reveals His Own Marvel Legend Action Figure

By bill - February 13, 2016

deadpool-featThe fourth wall takes one more stick in the eye.

We’ve known since New York Comic Con that 2016 would see at least one wave of X-Men Marvel Legends (including a stunning Jim Lee Rogue figure), and now the second character in this lineup has been revealed.  Deadpool returns to the Legends line with a brand new action figure, unveiled this week on Hasbro Pulse.


He looks pretty great!  As the post (written by Wade Wilson himself, get it?) points out, this guy is sporting some all new boot and glove pieces, and a really well done new head.  This Deadpool is new enough to earn a spot in any Legends collection, while also keeping his classic look for any unfortunate soul who may have missed the Toys R Us two-pack from a few years back.

I’m in, though I’ll admit when it comes to Legends I’m still a pretty easy mark.  We’ll see the rest of the X-Men Legends lineup revealed tomorrow at Hasbro’s big Toy Fair presentation, though we now know thanks to Deadpool that the series is slated for release in the Fall. I kind of love that the Marvel Legends toy line will be completely ignoring Fox’s release schedule of the X-movies.  If Hasbro has to choose a side in the ongoing beef between Marvel and Fox, I think they chose wisely.  After all, nobody is collecting a toy line called Fox Legends.



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