New Details On NECA’s ED-209

By bill - June 6, 2013

ed209-featNECA’s ED-209 is gonna be sick.

NECA has released the sell sheet for their ED-209 deluxe figure, which shows the beastly robot next to NECA’s Robocop figure for scale.  The slick sheet also details ED’s rsather impressive list of features, from an articulation breakdown to the various sound effects (!!!) built into the figure.

The sheet also points out “One run only, no re-orders,” which isn’t quite as grim as it sounds– the ED-209 will be produced to fill solicits, meaning whatever retailer orders NECA gets… that’s what they’ll make.  What this means for us, as the consumers is, if you want to own this bad boy (and how could you not??), you should probably place a pre order with your favorite retailer outlet sooner than later.

Here’s the full details, from NECA:

One of the most eagerly anticipated action figures of all time has arrived, standing nearly 10″ tall and totally in movie accurate scale with the 7″ Robocop figures (sold separately) comes the Enforcement Droid 209 Series.  ED-209 is fully poseable and features incredible detail.

Features include, articulated head, legs that slide up and down, hinged arm wing panels, poseable cannon arms, and pop-out rocket launcher on the right arm.  Also features movie accurate sound effects and dialogue – press a button and hear the hydraulic machinery sounds, the gutteral metal growls, “Warning, Throw Down Your Weapon, You Have 15 Seconds to comply” and more!

This is a massive figure and finally provides a worthy opponent for Robocop.

Comes in a deluxe closed box packaging featuring original illustrations and product photography highlighting key action features.


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