Diamond Comic Distributors Partner with Bandai America

By jayq - August 13, 2015

bandai-logo-featBandai America announced that comic book distributor Diamond Comics will be their master distributor for all the import products. What does this mean for the current distributor Bluefin?

Bluefin only retains the rights to distribute Dragon Ball Z and some other properties. Power Rangers, DC’s Injustice, and Marvels Avengers stayed exclusive to the Japanese markets and were pulled from Bluefin’s arsenal… will the current merger make these available to the US? More as this story develops however, you can read the official press release below:

Diamond Appointed Master Distributor for Bandai America Products

Leading toy manufacturer signs with Diamond to distribute and market its products in the U.S.

(BALTIMORE, MD) — (August 11, 2015) — Diamond Comic Distributors has finalized negotiations with Bandai America Incorporated to become a Master Distributor for the leading toy manufacturer. The deal makes Diamond the preferred distributor on behalf of Bandai America to select retailers throughout the United States.

Bandai America is home to some of the most powerful entertainment toy brands, including Power Rangers, Big Hero 6™, GODZILLA™, and SprüKits®,  as well as extremely successful Japanese hobby and collector lines.

“We have a long standing strategic partnership with Diamond,” said Michael Ciminera, Bandai America’s Vice President of Sales. “We fully believe in their ability to distribute and market Bandai products far and wide into the U.S. market.”

“We’re gratified by the trust Bandai America has placed in us to be their Master Distributor,” said Diamond’s Director of Vendor Development, Eric Burkhardt. “We look forward to partnering with them to grow Bandai America’s diverse and successful product lines to U.S. toy , hobby and specialty retailers.”

Diamond will support Bandai America launches through its monthly PREVIEWS catalog, innovative programs to its retailer partners, and other unique marketing and distribution services.

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