Mini-Monday-Diamond Select Dives Deep For Aliens Minimates TRU Series 4

By bill - October 1, 2018

The fourth should-have-been Toys R Us wave of Aliens Minimates explores new corners of the Alien mythos.

Until now, Diamond Select has focused their awesome Aliens Minimates line on the first two movies, ostensibly completing the lineup from the original film, and coming frustratingly close to rounding out the sizable cast of the sequel. The latest releases, however, bring us a batch of Minimates based on the later, less-loved Aliens films, as well as the Isolation video game.

One of the four new sets stems from Alien 3, arguably the most under-appreciated movie in the franchise. Despite my initial shock and disappointment when I first saw the movie years ago, I’ve grown to really admire its guts, and marvel at the directing flairs that David Fincher would later perfect in his future movies. Your mileage may vary when it comes to Alien 3, but I was very happy to see DST release Minimates from this chapter. Specifically, we get two humans (not a Dog Alien in sight)– Ripley in her prison togs, complete with shaved head, and Dillon, the prisoner with whom Ripley allies herself against the Xenomorph. Both figures do a good job of capturing their on screen looks, complete with hooded jackets and drab brown outfits as seen in the movie. Dillon’s face print is well done, especially his glasses, and Ripley has the added bonus of a pair of bare arms, so she can be displayed without the jacket as well.

Alien Resurrection might be the worst Alien movie, but it’s inspired two cool Minimate packs all the same. We get two crew members from the Betty, Johner (Ron Perlman) and Call (Winona Ryder). Both figures look good, particularly Johner, with his unique facial scars and cool looking guns. Call gets no accessories, but she’s a welcome addition all the same. It’s interesting that, much like the omission of the Dog from Alien 3, Ripley-8 is nowhere to be seen in the Resurrection sub-set yet. What we do get are Resurrection inspired Xenomorphs with both survivors. Call gets a standard Xeno, cast in deep red with a black dome to match the stylized colors and lighting of the creatures in the movie. Johner is packed with an “Advanced” Xenomorph, cast in translucent blue plastic with a white dome. I’m not sure exactly what inspired this colorway, but it looks really cool regardless. The Xenomorphs have a very unique look in Resurrection, and I wish DST had created unique heads, arms, and legs to better match the cinematic creatures, but the new colorations still make these Aliens distinct.

Rounding out the lineup is an Isolation two-pack, with Ripley’s daughter Amanda in her brown jumpsuit, as well as the Isolation Xenomorph. It’s cool set, especially for fans of the video game, and the creepy brown color of the Xenomorph adds to its overall menace.

This set sort of snuck out, after getting caught up in the wake of Toys R Us closing down (it was originally intended to be a TRU exclusive). While this will obviously be the final “TRU” set, I’m hoping we will see more Aliens Minimates in the future. There’s more cool looking characters from Resurrection which I’d like to see, and at least a Dog Alien from 3 which would be a welcome addition… plus, those lingering characters from Aliens to complete that set, like non-damaged Bishop and Ferro. Here’s hoping DST’s Alien Minimates collection will continue to grow!

Thanks to Diamond Select for sending these review samples. Look for Alien Minimates TRU Series 4 at specialty retailers now.


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