Diamond Select Toys Dives Into Kingdom Hearts

By kastor417 - December 8, 2017

We have been waiting for good Kingdom Hearts figure about as long as we have been waiting for Kingdom Hearts III, and Diamond Select Toys finally has delivered them.

Kingdom Hearts is one of those things that is all consuming then disappears for a while. You go deep down the rabbit hole in the game, want everything connected to it, and then it goes away for a while. You almost forget how amazing the game and chracters are until it is reintroduced in some new form. For years now companies have tried to do Kingdom Hearts in figure form, mainly focusing on the many looks of Sora, but none have been able to produce good figures of the team or the villains, until now. Diamond Select Toys kicks off it’s line with lots of Sora, some bad guys, and the big mouse himself, Mickey.


Sora, Sora, Sora, and even more Sora!

Every gamer has is favorite form of Sora, and DST made sure that collectors will have their pick with this first wave. If you are willing to go out looking you will find a different forms of Sora four retailers; Master at Toys R US, Valor at Gamestop, Wisdom at Target, and Normal at specialty and others. The prices at each varied, but what I did notice in my hunt, Target was the hardest to find. The Gamestop and Toys R Us versions seemed to be stocked and falling off the pegs, but Target keeps selling out of his Wisdom form. Each come with a Keyblade and Soldier, which when you buy them all adds up to a fun little evil army. The colors on the Valor and Wisdom version are the most striking, while the Master form is the weakest of the the four. All of the versions have the same sculpting, with only changes in the painted details.

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