Disney Minifigures Are A Mixed Blind Bag

By kastor417 - May 2, 2016

Lego Disney Kastors KornerAfter spending 2+ hours feeling up blind bags of the newest wave of Disney LEGO Minifigures I got 38 out of 40 correct and a couple of sets for myself and friends.

I took some time off from minifigures for the last few years, but something sparked in me last month and I have been on the hunt for those that I missed. I skipped the Simpsons because getting those would mean I have to have the house and Quickie Mart, and I was not willing to spend over $600 for them all. So I stuck mainly to the LEGO figures until the Disney wave. I was going to skip them too, but there is nothing out right now I am looking for and well I’m a sucker for the little toys.

Overall the wave is a lot of fun, but feeling the packages was a challenge because of the lack of accessories.

Here is the rundown of the figures:

  • Minnie and Mickey and Donald and Daisy both share heads with different painted details, but no extras.
  • Ursula’s body is one big piece and easy to find.
  • Ariel has new hair, same mermaid lower body.
  • The Alien has a new paint job from his appearance in the Toy Story line.
  • Maleficent is perfect.
  • Alice might be the best one, well Stitch is the best making her second.
  • Genie should have had legs too.
  • Buzz has a new head, not old Toy Story head.
  • Hook has a huge new hat and hair piece.
  • Stich and Maleficent do not have a pair.

So why is this a mixed bag? The figures are not consistent, the bigger headed figures look out of place with the other minifigures. The heads on the Mice and Ducks both make the figures look bigger than the standard minifigures. It does not look weird on the smaller figures (Stitch, Alien, Cheshire Cat), but I wonder what a standard minifigure head with a helmet like accessory would look like instead of the fully sculpted heads. The lack of accessories is no doubt because of the licensing price and original parts, but I would rather have more accessories for my figures. Flounder or Sebastian would have been great for Ariel, since they were already made for the Princess line, and Apu for Aladdin since Genie had a lamp.

Ok, I’m being hard on these, but I do love them. It is clear that this is wave one of many, with everyone having a pair but Stitch and Maleficent, so hoping that means they will each get a another figure in wave 2 so they don’t get lonely.

They were supposed to be released yesterday, but some stores like Walmart and Toys R Us put them out a little early. I skipped Toys R Us because they must have under ordered and a bunch of stores are only allowing people to buy two packs per visit, meaning you would have to go back nine times to get a full set. Ok im ready, bring on the next wave!


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