Disney Store’s Wreck-It Ralph Figure Sets Are The Best Toys From The Movie

By bill - November 28, 2012

Wreck-It Ralph scores three sets of figurines available at Disney Stores, and they’re the best bet when it comes to toys based on the hit Disney movie.

Comparatively speaking, there’s not that much merchandising behind Wreck-It Ralph.  Sure, the video game villain-turned-hero has some shelf space at most stores right now, and some cool interactive play pieces via Thinkway, but the few actions figures based on the film lack variety (basically, Ralph or Fix-It Felix, Jr) and proper scale.

If you dug the movie as much as I did and want some cool toys based on it, the best I have found are the three figurine playsets sold exclusively at Disney Stores.  Disney has made a bunch of these sets before– each typically offers between five and seven figures at about 2-3″ scale, and often the sculpts are pretty spot-on.  They certainly are for the Ralph sets– each figure of the wonderfully diverse sets delivers over five characters that look like they walked straight off the movie screen.

The concept behind these sets is simple– each is based off one of the three main games featured in the movie.  The Fix-It Felix set brings us a fairly neutral Ralph, with his huge hands outstretched and ready to smash, along with Felix in his hero pose, and a three pairs of Niceville residents on disco party themed stands.  The Hero’s Duty set features Ralph with a plasma rifle, an action-posed Felix with his hammer, Calhoun (looking very FemShep) and both a bug drone and a larvae.  The Sugar Rush set packs a few racers– Vanellope, Taffyta, and King Candy– along with another Ralph and the two donut cops, Wynnchel and Duncan.

None of these figurines are poseable, but they are such great sculpts, and many in such character-specific poses that it doesn’t even matter.  Paint apps are surprisingly good here, from the metallic drybrush finish on Calhoun’s armor to the super-bright pastels of the Sugar Rush racers.  There are a few sloppy eyes here and there on the sets I’ve seen, especially on Calhoun, but if you have the choice of looking at several it shouldn’t take much effort to find a good one.

The scale between these sets is quite good, as well.  The proportions of the various game characters varied widely from game to game in the movie, and the toys match this well– Ralph is big and bulky, while Vanellope and Felix are small and spritely, though still larger than the diminutive, egg-shaped Niceville-ians.  Scale is very consistent among all except the three Ralphs, who actually vary far more than the rest of the characters, but each Ralph looks great in the context of his set, be it countering Felix’s hero pose, charging in to battle with Calhoun, or kneeling to receive his homemade medal from Vanellope.

These sets are a lot of fun, and they offer a lot of diversity– there aren’t many other (non-licensed) characters featured in the film that I could think of to be included here.  On top of the wide assortment of characters, these sets are also priced wonderfully, at $12.50 per pack.  While the figurines are small, the great sculpting and strong paint details and consistency of scale make them more than a bargain at this price.  I really loved Wreck-It Ralph the movie, and I’m very glad to say I love these figure sets just as much.  Pick these sets up at your nearest Disney Store, or on their website at these links:  Sugar Rush / Hero’s Duty / Fix It Felix

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