Disney’s Oz Paints A Pretty Picture

By bill - July 6, 2012

Disney releases the painterly teaser poster for Sam Raimi’s upcoming Wizard of Oz prequel.

Oz the Great and Powerful is one of Disney’s biggest deals at Comic Con, and to gear up for the show they have released a teaser poster for the upcoming film. While I can’t help but be hesitant (between the tagline referring back to the impossibly awful Alice in Wonderland and the fact that this is, after all, a prequel to Wizard of Oz), the poster is nonetheless very nice and I have more than a little faith in Raimi.

In fact, I really like this poster– it conveys a sense of the movie while harkening back to the magical land of Oz, and it does so while avoiding any floating heads or other modern day trappings of generic theater lobby movie posters.

One picture isn’t enough to sell me on a project like this, but I’m ready to head into Comic Con with an open mind, to see what Raimi and James Franco have come up with.  It’s a good start.

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