The Dixon Brothers Have a New Look

By kastor417 - December 11, 2013

Dixon Brothers Kastor's Korner 04McFarlane Toys gives a new twist on the Dixon Brothers from their Walking Dead series.

McFarlane Toys have created a fun box set, which mixes new and old enough for Walking Dead fans to pick up even though these are mostly re-releases.

The Dixon Brothers, created for the AMC show, have taken on a life of their own. They have become some of the most interesting characters in the show, out shining the main character of Rick. So it natural that the toys will also be great additions to any Walking Dead fans collections.

The new set contains redeco’ed versions of Daryl and Merle from waves one and three respectively. This set highlights the change the line has made since series one, Merle having a much better sculpt and articulation compared to wave one Daryl. Merle comes with the same accessories as his previous figure as well as a new color for his shirt, a deep blue. Daryl is almost the same as well except this version is missing his squirrel necklace. They pair also come with an axe, pick, and cell keys from the prison.

For anyone looking for Xmas presents for DARYL fans, this is a great set, it looks great in the box and even better out and posed.

Thanks again to McFarlane Toys for this set for review. 

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