The Doctor is In with S.H. Figuarts Doctor Strange

By jayq - September 5, 2017

Marvel Studios Doctor Strange was a big success with fans. The S.H. Figuarts version of Benedict Cumberbatch is pretty spot on and it is a cool figure to boot.

What was supposed to be a Japanese Webshop Exclusive, became a Bluefin exclusive as well. What was the difference you ask? The Bluefin version came with the Tamashii Flame Effect packed in. The box is pretty big. almost shoe box sized, with amazing box art from the movie on the front. Packed into the box are TEN sets of hands, an extra head sculpt, four spell discs, and the flame effect.

Definitely some good value for the money spent.  Considering most S.H. Figuarts run $55-70 dollars and the Effects are about $25-30. Combined this set ran about $80. There is a huge amount of playability with this set. All the accessories and extra hands make this figure have many possibilities.

Doctor Strange has great articulation. The arms and legs move very freely and have no fear that the arms, legs, or hands will snap. The cape is the hard plastic that has the hinges on the shoulders that allow for some fantastic poses. The only issue is the fact that this cape is hard plastic. This has been a feature on these SHF’s that has turned off many from the superhero line. With the current trend of soft goods on 1:12 scale figures S.H. Figuarts needs to start conforming.

End of the day this set was worth every penny and if you combine the S.H. Figuarts Doctor Strange with some of your Marvel Legends you will have some great diorama set ups.  JQ gives this set a 8.5 out of 10. S.H. Figuarts the fans want cloth capes!!!!!



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