Doctor Strange is Revealed

By chrismull - December 29, 2015

dr-strange-featThe most recent issue of Entertainment Weekly looks a little strange… Doctor Strange that is.

Benedict Cumberbatch is featured on the cover as Doctor Strange. Entertainment’s article within has details about the upcoming film and informs us that Cumberbatch hasn’t been in costume much with filming in the early stages, but he got into costume for Entertainment Weekly’s photo shoot. Marvel has since released an assortment of other images of the doctor from the magazine.

A bit about the new hero in the Marvel Universe: Stephen Strange was an egocentric surgeon suffered career ending injury to his hands in a car accident. He refused to accept defeat, but with uncontrollable hand trembles he couldn’t possibly perform surgery. Way too full of pride, Strange embarked to locate “The Ancient One” in the Himalyans and find a cure for his hands, but his journey eventually changes him from a self-absorbed surgeon into the worlds mightiest protector from mystical threats.

Cumberbatch talks about his upcoming role as a challenge he’s prepared to accept. He’s been focused on perfecting all of the hand movements and spell-casting, admitting that he has been a bit self-conscious about his articulation. Its seems that he is motivated to portray Strange in the best possible light in both of their superhero debuts.

There is still much to be discovered about how Marvel will fit Cumberbatch and Doctor Strange into the superhero universe among all else that’s emerging in the upcoming years, but we do know that Doctor Strange reaches theaters on November 4th, 2016.

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