Does the New Avengers Trailer Reveal What Aliens are Invading Earth?

By bill - April 1, 2012

A new Avengers spot started making the rounds on TV and online recently. Not only does the trailer continue to tease us with more awesome-looking (and appropriately big-scale action), but we get a much better look at the alien army being controlled by Loki.We know they’re not Skrulls, but could the alien menace be the Korbinites?

The new TV trailer for The Avengers features some cool new footage, including some great “hero shots” of Black Widow and Hawkeye (previously seen in the Japanese trailer last month), along with some great building-leaping, alien-smashing antics from The Hulk. A lot of the early sneak peeks at The Avengers seemed a bit low key, but the recent marketing campaign has been full of these classic comic book-style visuals that are making me think Joss Whedon and his crew may have nailed it with this movie.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the film and its marketing is Marvel’s obsessive desire to keep the identity of the movie’s villains under wraps. Aside from a few quick glimpses during the Super Bowl– and a confirmation from Marvel’s Kevin Feige that the aliens are NOT Skrulls– this TV spot gives us our best look yet at the grey warriors.

While their ashen color is obviously way different than the orange-hued Korbinites from the comics, the elongated, skeletal faces are certainly reminiscent of the most famous Korbinite we know, Thor’s ally Beta Ray Bill. Maybe the Korbinites will appear as denizens of one of the Nine Realms… possibly a realm that Loki discovers after his fall from the Rainbow Bridge at the end of Thor? The aliens being somehow associated to the Nine Realms makes a lot of sense, especially with their overall appearance seeming vaguely reminiscent of Asgard from what we’ve seen so far… and introducing the Korbinites– even as villains– sets up an appearance by Beta Ray Bill in the Thor sequel already getting underway.

Maybe I’m off on this, but I could get down with the Korbinites in The Avengers… especially if they’re less evil and more tricked into battle by Loki. The misunderstood monster routine is a classic staple of the Marvel playbook, and one that we haven’t really seen applied yet in the Marvel movie-verse, but maybe that will change now? In any event, what we know for sure is these aliens are NOT Frost Giants, finally putting that ugly and uninteresting rumor to bed. Who do you think The Avengers are fighting? Let us know!

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