Domhnall Gleeson’s Force Awakens Role Revealed?

By bill - February 9, 2015

star-wars-force-awakens-feaIs he playing Luke Skywalker’s son in Episode VII?

We’ve known the character names of many of the major actors in Star Wars: The Force Awakens for a while now, but Domhnall Gleeson? Not so much.  Now, according to the often reliable Making Star Wars, we may know why.

Their latest report says Gleeson will be playing the son of Luke Skywalker… and that he’s an Imperial.  Specifically, he’s the Imperial who commands Gwendoline Christie and the Chrome Stormtroopers on their hunt for John Boyega’s rogue trooper, Finn.  Also, this Imperial may be a double agent, working to diffuse dangerous plans orchestrated by both the Imperials AND the rebels.

Apparently, Gleeson’s character is playing both sides to disarm the galaxy of its super weapons held by both sides which “should not be allowed to exist according to his internal moral compass.” But it appears he might do some bad things in the name of the greater good over the course of the film.

I like that, a lot actually.  The Original Trilogy was delightfully black and white in its morality, but I do believe there is room for some ethical grey areas within the larger Star Wars universe.  Not if it’s done artlessly, like we saw in the prequels, but having Luke’s son be something other than a do-gooder Jedi in training makes me a thousand times more interested in him.

By this time next week, I think we’ll know more about The Force Awakens.  Hasbro is holding their big Toy Fair press event this Saturday, and I sincerely doubt they won’t be including Episode VII in their presentation.  Maybe we won’t know exactly who Gleeson is playing, but this rumor should help to give us some context when we undoubtedly see his action figure over the weekend.  One more Star Wars thing to be excited about!

Source: Making Star Wars

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