Doomsday Is Unleashed On Mattel’s DC Universe

By bill - January 9, 2015

doomsday-unleashed-featThe end is nigh… and Mattel’s new Doomsday Unleashed is the perfect figure for the occasion.

The long, strange trip of Mattel’s DC Universe Classics series has finally reached its (for real) close, and I am happy that they went out on top with one of the finest figures ever crafted for this long-running toy line.  The Doomsday Unleashed figure is, in a word, awesome.  He is the perfect realization of this character in toy form, fully rendered, fully poseable and absolutely fun to play around with.

By now, I think we all know the story.  This massive villain was proposed as the subscription incentive exclusive for Matty Collector’s 2014 DC Universe Signature Series.  When that sub fell through, Doomsday was allegedly off the table.  His less-elaborate Containment Suit variant was offered as a Comic Con exclusive, but fans were told time and again that the Unleashed Doomsday was simply not going to happen… until some packaged production photos of the figure leaked online this summer and Mattel finally confirmed they WOULD be releasing him as a Matty Collector exclusive starting on Black Friday.

So here we are– Scott Neitlich is no longer with Mattel, but he managed to make this “impossible” figure possible on his way out, and for that I commend him and his team, because Doomsday truly is outstanding.  The sculpt is massive– this guy clocks in at over 9″ tall, towering over virtually everyone in the DC Universe collection.  Not only does this make him look every bit as imposing and deadly as he should, but he features what I call the “big hunk of plastic effect”– there is just something tangibly awesome about holding a figure this big and heavy in person.  I think the Four Horsemen get that concept– we’ve seen other big, awesome figures from them in the past, and they make full use of it here.

DCUC Doomsday Unleashed 007But we also get an impressive amount of sculpted detail!  The bone spikes that adorn this creature’s body are perfectly rendered, as are the bits of machinery attached to Doomsday’s shorts.  But even small details like the wrinkles on this beast’s knuckles add to the overall effect, leaving one of the most visually striking figures I have seen in this sometimes-bland, buck-based toy line.

I don’t think anyone will ever sculpt Doomsday’s face quite this well again, either.  Using an ingenious two-piece layout, Doomsday’s nightmarish visage gets an excellent sense of depth, with his roaring mouth and piercing red eyes just barely visible from behind his jagged teeth and bony protrusions.  Not only is his expression packed with personality, Doomsday does a perfect job of conveying one simple fact– this is NOT a monster you should be messing with.

Despite his size and considerable bulk, Doomsday retains the standard DC Universe articulation pattern, sporting a fantastic range of motion.  He can hit a number of fighting and action poses, and totally looks like more than a match for any of the 6″ heroes in this collection… even Superman.

DCUC Doomsday Unleashed 030Speaking of Superman, while Doomsday doesn’t really feature any accessories, per se, he does include a tattered cloth Superman cape, which can be displayed being pierced by the spikes on the creature’s right arm.  It’s a cool finishing touch that also adds a striking splash of color to the green and grey design of the figure.

A toy of this magnitude deserves to be opened up and played with, and Mattel makes that easy with a (mostly) resealable and very eye catching package.  Doomsday is packed in a five-sided window display box, which can open from the top or bottom.  The open plastic of the display gives you a good look at the figure from multiple angles, while the cardboard backdrop of a devastated Metropolis serves as the perfect context for our villain.  The package also includes an out cardboard slipcover, with more cool art and an S-Shield shaped window to tease the monster within.  And finally, the outer layer of the package is a white box with the iconic bloody S Shield on the front.  It’s a very nice packing system, and each layer looks great.

I’m very glad Mattel was able to make this figure a reality… and I’m even happier that he was totally worth the effort.  For better or worse, I will miss DC Universe Classics, but it’s always nice to see a long-running series go out on top.  And I can’t think of a better– or better crafted– figure than Doomsday Unleashed to serve as the perfect way to close out this collection.

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