Dragons Take Center Stage In Game Of Thrones Trailer

By bill - March 28, 2013

got-daenerys-featCan it be Sunday yet?

Game Of Thrones Season 3 premieres this Sunday on HBO, and the latest trailer packs a lot of goodness into its brief 30 seconds.  There’s armies facing off, White Walkers on the move, Daenerys acting like a total badass… and lots of dragons(!!!)

I just caught up on Game‘s second season for the first time on Blu Ray, so I feel like I’m being spoiled, watching two seasons essentially back-to-back… I’m also curious how the experience will change watching week-to-week, without the option of staying up all night and burning through all ten episodes at once (which yes, I totally did).


Game Of Thrones Season 3 kicks off Sunday… will you be watching?

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