DVD Korner: Son of the Batman

By kastor417 - May 7, 2014

SoBat - 2 RobinsThe Son of Batman arrives on Blu-ray this week, and continues the New 52 world of the DC animated universe.

This film is not a sequel to the last film, Justice League War, but explores the Batman world within the same animated universe. Jason O’mara is back as Bruce Wayne/ Batman bridging the gap between the two films. The film focuses on the Bruce’s son Damian, mixing the pre-52 story with the New 52 world. There is not a huge difference between the two, so it mixes well and the animated team deliver a great story. The story differs from the comic by adding Deathstroke as the main villain. The addition of this big name does not change the story too much, but does take away from the Talia’s story.

One of the things you want in a Batman movie is action, and this film delivers. The action choreography is visually exciting, and pulling you in story and the characters. The shining star of the film is Damian, showing off both sides of the character. It took years before DC fans came around and liked the character, yet the filmmakers were able to do that within the film. Nightwing also has an appearance in the film, offering some history to the Robin name. There is a fight between the first son of Bruce and the newest, which leaves Nightwing needed some sticking, but happens off camera. For those who want to know how the fight went down, there are stills of the fight that pop up through the credits. The only disappointing moment in the film was the lack of any after credits tease.

The Blu-ray is full of extras giving behind the scene looks at the world of Damian Wayne. There are two featurettes which explain the world of Ra’s Al Ghul and life of Damian. They go through the history of the comics and give deeper look at the characters in the film. There is also a look at character design with Phil Bourassa, similar to the Jim Lee feature in Justice League War. In addition to the behind the scenes looks at the characters and animation there is a look at the next feature, Batman: Assault on Arkham. This next film will take place two years before the events in Arkham Asylum, yet there is no mention of Arkham Origins. It looks like the voice cast from the games are back with the exception of Mark Hamill. The voice of the Joker will be done by Troy Baker, who took over the voice in Arkham Origins. Finally there are 4 “vault” cartoons which feature Robin from the Brave and the Bold, and the animated series.

Overall a blu-ray set, offering fans of the Batman world a good mix of action, humor, and mystery.

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