Eagle Force Returns Reveals R.I.O.T. Pilot Figure

By bill - April 25, 2016

eagle force returnsA new villain is ready to join the Eagle Force Returns toy line… but his fate is in our hands!

A few weeks back, I told you about the Eagle Force Returns Trading Card set campaign Fresh Monkey Fiction is running on Kickstarter.  These cards are not only a cool way to hype the upcoming Eagle Force Returns toy line, but they’re a neat and fun retro collectible all on their own.  Clearly, I’m not the only one who thinks so, because the humble $700 funding goal was met in no time, and now so have virtually all of the announced stretch goals, from a second metal trading card, to a rad Eagle Force sticker, and even a waxy wrapper all the trading cards will now come packed in!

But Fresh Monkey Fiction has raised the ante in these last few days of the campaign.  There’s a new stretch goal, which will be unlocked if the project hits the $10,000 mark (it’s presently at just over $6k with 8 days to go)… a R.I.O.T. Pilot Eagle Force action figure, exclusive to this trading card campaign:


The Pilot shares a bunch of parts with Zica Toys’ Captain Action figures, which gives him a very comic book-y look, but I like it!  This dude will be extremely limited, with only 300 of them being made, and you can secure yours by pledging $60 to the Eagle Force trading card Kickstarter.  That gets you the full set of 20 cards, all the bonus material including the metal cards, sticker, digital files of the vintage Eagle Force card back comics, and the retro wrapper for the card pack… PLUS the R.I.O.T. Pilot.

Look, I’m not trying to come off like I’m trying to sell you something, I’m just excited to see all the fun and creative ways the people behind Eagle Force Returns are working to build this little toy line into something bigger than it’s ever been.  There’s a lot of very cool and talented people behind this property– Fresh Monkey Fiction, Zica Toys, and Boss Fight Studio are all part of this collaboration– and I very much want to see this campaign succeed.  That’s only gonna happen because like-minded people like you and me support the cause by backing these projects.

CLICK HERE to contribute to the Eagle Force Returns Trading Card campaign on Kickstarter.  You’ve got eight days left to join the cause!

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