Edgar Wright Completes Filming On Ant Man (Kinda Sorta)

By bill - July 2, 2012

Director Edgar Wright filmed a demo reel for Ant Man, his long in-the-works movie based on the Marvel super hero.

Edgar Wright has been attached to direct Marvel’s Ant Man for a long time (like, around the same time the first Iron-Man was being filmed), but the project seems to have stuck on the side burner for both Wright and Marvel over the past few years. But there’s been a little activity recently, as The Hollywood Reporter is now stating Wright completed filming on an Ant Man demo reel for the studio.

Apparently the idea here was to see if Wright’s style would work with the story, and to see how the shrinking effects would play out in live action… I have the utmost confidence in the more than capable director, and I still believe his offbeat sense of humor is perfect for a kind of ridiculous hero like Ant Man.  I’m still curious, however, exactly what take Wright has in store… he wrote the script with his friend Joe Cornish (Attack the Block), and based on what we’ve seen from each of them, I’d imagine a lighter take on the diminutive Avenger, to the tune of the recent Irredeemable Ant Man series, but the original Ant Man Hank Pym certainly had lots of drama that could be mined as well.

With any luck, we’ll find out sooner than later… and just maybe this will be Wright’s next movie after he finishes out his “Blood and Cornettos” trilogy with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost with the in-production movie The World’s End.

For my part, I’m totally wishing that this theory on Badass Digest is true, and the Ant Man demo reel makes its way into Iron-Man 3 as a post-credits bumper…

Source: Hollywood Reporter


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