Will Edgar Wright Direct Star Trek 3???

By bill - December 9, 2014

star-trek-featRoberto Orci abandons the Captain’s chair for Star Trek 3, and the rumors of his replacement are crazy exciting!

It’s December 2014 right now.  The next Star Trek movie is planned to be released in 2016, and since that year marks the 50th Anniversary of Trek, we’re basically going to get a new movie one way or the other.  Until now, it definitely seemed like a “the other” situation– JJ Abrams moved on to Star Wars, and his buddy, the loathsome Roberto Orci (he who is responsible for Star Trek Into Darkness, the Transformers movies and Amazing Spider-Man 2) basically asserted himself into the director’s seat on the new movie.

But now, Deadline is reporting that Orci is out, which means we need a replacement.  And one name that has apparently surfaced is none other than Edgar Wright!  This sounds pretty left-field, especially since Wright just got over his mega-franchise breakup with Marvel over Ant-Man, but it does make sense… Wright’s friend Joe Cornish (Attack the Block) had been a strong contender to direct Star Trek 3 until Orci apparently asserted himself into the role.

I think this is good news, no matter what.  Orci has never directed anything, so handing him the reins to a franchise like Star Trek– on its golden anniversary, no less– didn’t seem like the wisest decision.  That’s not even factoring in that Into Darkness and its ugly, truther politics proves that Orci really doesn’t get what Star Trek is about.  As much as I love Edgar Wright, his style and Trek aren’t exactly synonymous in my head either… but Wright has yet to disappoint.

The big question now is what this means for Star Trek 3‘s story, which was rumored to reunite William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy on the big screen.  Will that script be abandoned?  Or will we still see the original Kirk and Spock together again in 2016?

My curiosity is suddenly much less morbid.

Source: Deadline

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