Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man Footage Hits The Web

By bill - March 21, 2013

ant-man-logo-featThe Ant-Man proof of concept video Edgar Wright and Marvel used to wow Comic Con last Summer has finally hit the web.

One of the most buzzed-about moments of Comic Con last July was the 60 second test footage reel Edgar Wright revealed from his (now confirmed) Ant-Man movie for Marvel. I missed the panel, and my chance to see the footage, although having finally experienced it months later I can honestly say this doesn’t disappoint.

And I knew it wouldn’t– Wright is a kinetic director, and he knows how to work with movement, perspective and energy– look at the plan montage sequences in Shaun of the Dead, or anything he did in Scott Pilgrim. He’s also the perfect guy to straddle that line of being silly while still remaining cool, which is the trickiest tightrope there is, when your lead is a super hero whose power lets him get really, really tiny.

The size-shifting of Ant-Man plays very well in this clip, as he uses his own varying size and mass as a weapon to dispatch two goons in a hallway. It’s just as fun and energetic as I expected from Wright, and what’s more, it’s completely comic book-y. I love it.

More than likely, we will all be able to get a bigger, better look at this footage in a few weeks, as I’d be shocked if this clip didn’t end up on the special features of the sweet Marvel Cinematic Universe Blu Ray box set coming out in April. But in the meantime, I’ll watch this bootlegged version until the Disney lawyers have it taken down.

Source: iFanBoy.com

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