It Looks Like Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man IS Scott Lang

By bill - January 7, 2014

ant-man-toon-featEdgar Wright drops a strong hint who might be behind that big silver helmet in Ant-Man.

We’ve known for a few weeks now that Paul Rudd would be starring in Ant-Man, Edgar Wright’s techno-heist movie which will kick off Phase 3 of Marvel’s movie universe.  Many assumed that meant Rudd would play Hank Pym, the genius behind the Pym Particles which give Ant-Man his powers.

But Rudd seemed much more suited to play the second Ant-Man, Scott Lang, in my opinion.  Not a genius inventor, Lang was a petty criminal who stole Pym’s suit, only to win up reforming to become a hero.  That journey was adapted in the Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes episode “To Steal an Ant-Man,” and that episode is where the screen shot above came from.

But the image in question ALSO came from Edgar Wright’s blog, strongly insinuating (to me anyway) that Lang will be our hero.  I’m all for it– I’m expecting a levity in Ant-Man even greater than the fun streak we’ve seen so far in movies like The Avengers, and Pym’s back story– he’s an alcoholic, a wife abuser, and a generally tortured soul of a super hero– seems too dark and dour for this affair.

Lang instead would add an everyman appeal to the role, which would set Ant-Man apart from the familiar super genius hero mold so perfectly captured by Robert Downey Jr’s Iron-Man, and his past as a criminal would play perfectly with the heist angle of this movie which Wright has mentioned.

It also allows Ant-Man to be the first Marvel movie hero to embody the age-old Marvel trope of a reformed villain becoming a hero.  It’s happened a LOT throughout Marvel’s history, and while Hawkeye’s evil origin was cleverly nodded to when he was brainwashed by Loki in Avengers, we’ve yet to see this old trick from Marvel’s playbook worked into their on screen continuity.  Ant-Man could be the perfect venue to make it happen.

Maybe I’m alone in this, but I’m such a die hard fan of Wright and Marvel Studios now that I’d check this movie out sight unseen.  But if this hint turns out to be true, and Ant-Man becomes one of the most unique and offbeat heroes we’ve seen yet in a Marvel movie, I’ll be totally stoked.

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