I Am Elemental Courage: Playing With Power In a New Scale

By bill - January 6, 2016

I-am-elemental-courage-featThe first Core Power Figure from I Am Elemental is a great extension to this fantastic toy line.

The high concept behind the I Am Elemental toy line is that all the heroes are unified by a common theme.  Series One’s seven heroes were all guided by courage, and now Courage has taken shape, as the line’s first 6″ action figure.  The Courage Core Power Figure features a great design and a fantastic all new sculpt, retaining the same style and dynamic nature of her smaller comrades, while adding in some great new articulation and accessories.

Courage has a sort of sci-fi samurai aesthetic, which gives her a powerful and regal personality, and feels like a logical extension for the Series One figures.  Her red jumpsuit is adorned with shiny silver battle armor (including a removable chest plate), and she sports a very cool removable helmet which fits perfectly on her head.  I love removable armor and helmets, but one of the big pitfalls of this feature is parts that appear too big and bulky, to accommodate the space needed to fit over the figure.  Courage avoids this issue completely, as the armor and helmet are perfectly form fitting, providing the figure a striking silhouette with or without these extra pieces.

In addition to her Element shield (which can be stored in a slat on her leg armor), Courage also includes a flaming sword, harkening back to her spirit guide Joan or Arc.  She holds the sword very well, and the translucent orange flames add a strong flair to the weapon.  The flames are sculpted to rise away from the blade up the hilt, making the accessory look its best when Courage is holding it down at her side.  I would have loved to see the flame as a separate, removable piece that could be re-positioned naturally with the sword raised in the air, but even without this feature, it’s a very cool new piece.

I loved the 4″ I Am Elemental figures, from their female positive message to the great design of the finished product.  Courage is another big win for the I Am Elemental team, and it’s great to see them tackling an entirely new scale.  There’s a lot of 6″ super hero figures in the toy world right now, and I’m glad to say that Courage is a figure that can stand with the best of them.

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