I Am Elemental Wins Again With Wisdom Warriors

By bill - December 9, 2016

i-am-elemental-wisdomMeet the coolest super hero team of the year.

Back in 2014, I Am Elemental made some major waves with their debut line of action figures. The unique team of female super heroes featured realistic body proportions and practical– yet cool looking– costumes, in an effort to break down the outdated notions of what toys can be for girls, and what can be for boys.

Now, the second wave of figures is finally here, and the Wisdom Warriors are even better than the Courage collection.  While still maintaining the super hero sensibility of their predecessors, the Wisdom Warriors incorporate both a sci-fi/ steampunk aesthetic, as well as Greek design flairs which pay tribute to Hypatia of Alexandria, the inspiration behind these characters.


Each Wisdom Warrior feels unique and interesting, thanks in a large part to their respective accessories and headsculpts, each of which sports a distinct and contemporary hairstyle. Whether it’s the wings, goggles, and utilitarian top knot of curls on Exploration, or the undercut ponytail and skirt fashioned with a design of the planets of the solar system (!!!) on Curiosity, the details in each of these figures tells a story, while catapulting them far beyond their shared base sculpts.

There’s enough similarities between this wave and the previous Courage collection to maintain continuity– each new character shares a common uniform (this time an armored chest plate, undershirt, and various heights of color-coordinated boots), and a pallet of skin tones (while the Courage wave was based in the red spectrum, the Wisdom Warriors feature blues and purples).  But the accessories and the colors that each figure employs opposite their copper-toned armor leaves them all feeling truly distinct.

I think my favorite designs of this wave are Exploration, with her undeniably awesome steam-punk wings, and Mastery, whose wind-swept cape and short hair elicit immediate comparisons with soon-to-be pop culture icon Ms. Marvel… but each figure has an aspect that makes them interesting, be it the silver helmet and cloud-shaped wings of Oblivion, or the translucent weaponry which adorns the arms of Creativity and Ingenuity.


Setting aside the distinct attributes of these great new characters, it’s also worth noting that the latest releases from I Am Elemental also includes a new feature, requested by a multitude of fans (including yours truly)– stands!  Unlike the previous figures, the Wisdom Warriors are all designed with foot pegs, and each figure includes a sharply designed grey base with an etched I Am Elemental logo on it. This simple accessory goes a long way to displaying these figures in the most dynamic way possible, and I’m very happy to see this asset included with this sophomore series.

The Wisdom Warriors are available in a variety of different formats.  I opted for the Lunchbox Set, which includes all seven figures as well as a bracelet to collect their shields, an activity book, and more all packed in a stylish black tin lunch box. Other options include single-packed figures and a seven-figure “Collector’s Tin” box set, all of which are available now from IAmElemental.com, as well as many retailers worldwide.

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